Our mission is to provide students/children with a diverse & highly involved level of intellectual, social, technological educational advantage to compete in the global market.

              HOW WE BRING OUR                MISSION TO LIFE

Our mission is to provide students/children with experiences that will build the confidence in the classroom and strive & achieve academic excellence. We support hands-on learning to give students the tools they need to take their educational journey onto the next level for success.

  • Discover each child’s learning style that best meets their needs for academic success
  • Helping to build students academic confidence
  • Student will acquire the skills be to organized with their supplies & assignments & is prepared for their lessons
  • Students will recognize that they can achieve their academic goals and discover enjoyment in learning.
  • Parents will be satisfied knowing that their child will having ongoing progress and high achievement that results in academic success.

Thank you to Ty and Kokua for saving us last year. Teacher and guidance counselors said that my daughter would likely not be able to pass the 2nd grade and the FCAT exam. Ty worked with her 3 days a week and was so patient. She helped us prove everyone wrong. She is in 3rd grade now and on level with her piers. SO THANKFUL!!!

MEANING OF KOKUA: Extending loving help to others

What sets us apart from the rest? We know that each child learns differently. We will evaluate & implement the best learning strategies for your child. your child. Through hands on or technology programs that makes learning most effective and enjoyable. Students will master these educational techniques to achieve academic success and on lifelong accomplishments for the future.

Our first form of assessment will being providing students with Howard Gardner's Multiple intelligence test to help us to understand your child's learning for style and apply the best way they can learn new material. We want to help your child to build their confidence on their academic journey. We provide your children with the support that they need to to take on academic challenges that they facing in the classroom. Our tutors will work one on one with your child to develop the best learning style that suits them for educational success. Student: Support Parent, Teacher, Tutor.
We want to be the extra pair of helping hands you whether you are hosting a partying or attending one. We will monitor and entertain the children while you're out enjoying yourself you will be glad to know your child(ren) are doing the same.
Need last minute help? Have an event planned in advance and need reliable child care? Our well trained babysitters will be able to assist you with your childcare needs and that is one thing you can check off your to do list.
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